Reunion 2020 Witheridge - Witheridge - Genealogy & Family History Society
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Date: Virtual AGM Saturday 20th June


  • 1 Chairman's opening and welcome
  • 2 Apologies for absence Those who have not opted to participate need not send separate confirmation of this, but anyone who had planned and consented to participate and now finds they are unable to do so may choose to send apologies in advance in the usual way.
  • 3 Minutes of the 2019 AGM Should you wish to review these again ahead of time, they were included in your Spring-Summer 2019 Newsletter.
  • 4 Matters arising from these Minutes
  • 5 Matters arising from Officers?: Reports Should you wish to review these Officers' Reports again ahead of time, they were included in your Autumn-Winter 2019-20 Newsletter.
  • 6 Election of Officers and Committee Members: Full details of proposers and seconders can be found in the full agenda shared previously.
  • 7 Overseas Representatives: Australian Representatives have agreed to continue.
    North America representatives required, we are welcoming nominations and/or volunteers to replace our North America representatives for the coming year.
  • 8 Appointment of Auditor: Auditor has agreed to act as our Auditor again for the current year.
  • 9 Discussion and Ratification of Revised Constitution: Full details can be found in your Autumn-Winter 2019-20 Newsletter.
  • 10 ?Virtual? meetings and separate Reunions This will still be discussed, now specifically in relation to how the choice made to retain multiple options in future years will be managed and added to the Constitution.
  • 11 Facebook Pages
  • 12 WFHS Christmas Card for 2020
  • 13 Plans for 2021 AGM and Reunion
  • 14 Any other business
  • 15 Chairman closes meeting

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