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We are a group of people who are interested in Witheridges/Wetheridges and other variants of the name, past and present, world wide, as a One-Name Study. We also research the families that have married into the many branches of the family.

We do not have any detailed information on the town of Witheridge, Devon or of people that originated there. The website GENUKI for Witheridge, Devon or Witheridge - The Centuries in Words and Picturesmay provide the information you require.

The Society, which was founded on 1 May 1987, is open to anyone related to, or descended from, any Witheridge/Wetheridge, or whose family has close links with any Witheridge or Wetheridge family. Currently we have over 150 members throughout the world. A reunion (which includes a brief Annual General Meeting) is held in England in the spring of each year. The location for the reunion varies, but we try to choose a venue that has some relevance to Witheridge descendants. We also try to arrange one or two informal get togethers during the year, and our members in Australia regularly hold a gathering there. For the next reunion, please check out our Upcoming Events page. Non-members are welcome to join us at any of our Reunions.

We research the family history, trace descendants, put lost families back in touch, and have fun in the process. Twice a year we publish the 'Witheridge Times', a 60-page magazine in which we share family news and views, and notes on research into our family history, as well as providing some fascinating historical insights into what life was like for our ancestors. If you are a Witheridge/ Wetheridge, or are descended from someone of that name, tell us about your own family and we will try to slot you in to our world wide network of Witheridges/ Wetheridges and their descendants. If you'd like to know more about joining our Society, or have any questions about membership, pleas contact our Membership Secretary [link or address]. To download an application form, please click on Membership Application.

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